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cShell Consulting was founded in 2013. We specialize in helping companies lay out an IT strategy that actively supports their business objectives, sharpens their delivery abilities and promotes their successful navigation through rapid change. Our approach focuses on risk-based decision-making to achieve results.

Shelley Lineham, CIO Consulting, Leadership, Mentor
Shelley Lineham
Founder and CEO
Hugh Scott

Shelley is a distinguished IT executive and expert in organizational transformation, with a stellar track record of leadership in the finance, high tech and energy sectors.  Alongside superior quality standards and deep expertise in delivery enhancement, Shelley brings to the table the collective intelligence of a sophisticated network of colleagues and change agents.

Hugh is an award-winning CIO with deep IT expertise in a variety of sectors, including energy, telecommunications and investment banking. In addition to his successes in IT, Hugh has served as COO for a number of organizations and has experience leading businesses in the clean technology space.

Tara Wilson
Transformation Consultant

Tara is an expert in operational management and technology delivery, recognized for leading complex, transformative projects and programs that enable her clients to resolve significant organizational challenges. She has a strong, results-based reputation in the financial and technology sectors, and is known for her culture-building strategies that move people and organizations forward – together.

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